About A-Star Electric

Contact A-Star Electric for all of your residential and commercial electrician needs

We at A-Star Electric are certified journeyman or apprentice electricians who believe what we do can improve other people’s lives. Your home or business’s electrical system is integral to day-to-day life and work, and we believe in making sure your panel and wiring run as efficiently and conveniently as possible. Since we began operations in 2010 we have completed numerous of residential and commercial jobs, and are proud to have earned a solid 5-star rating from the Better Business Bureau of Calgary. We always carry out our professional duties in a positive, efficient and courteous manner. We are fully insurable and bondable, and have each undergone a police background check.

Alberta has a number of strict guidelines and codes in place for all electrical work. As we work together to design your electrical work and/or carry out your plan, we will ensure that all codes are met or surpassed and that all necessary inspections have been completed. We will create an electrical system for you that works at its peak and meets all your needs, while keeping you safe from unwanted perils such as power outages and fires.

Common Causes of Electrical Problems

  • We can replace faulty or frayed wiring that can cause flickering lights and fluctuating power.
  • Wires that are no longer in use and that haven’t been properly terminated can result in leakage of power and high utility bills. We can terminate and/or remove unused wires.
  • Power surges are caused by a sudden increase in supply from the grid and can damage appliances, systems and lighting. We can install surge protectors to protect your electrical system and your electronics.
  • Power outlets may not be working because of defective electrical fittings that require changing. We can switch your fittings to restore power.
  • Power outages or short circuits can occur when your circuit board becomes overloaded when one or more sockets use a single line of wire as its power source. We can reconfigure your wiring to stop this from happening.

Reduce Energy With A-Star

We at A-Star will streamline your electrical panel and wiring so that you get the function and versatility you need. We also try to keep as much unnecessary strain off the power grid as possible, and offer solar power panel installation as one of our services.

When performing any sort of electric work in your home we recommend using low-energy options to help reduce consumption. During both the hot and cold months in Alberta energy use can soar, which often leads to higher bills. Combined with good habits, wise placement of lighting and outlets and low-energy appliances and fixtures can make a big difference for your wallet and the environment.

  • LED bulbs last up to three times longer than a regular bulb and reduce energy consumption by 80%. Alberta is working hard to have all homes outfitted with nothing but LED bulbs as soon as possible.
  • New desk and reading lights called compact fluorescent lamps are said to be capable of capable reducing energy used by up to 75% by using lower wattage while still producing the same amount of illumination. Bulbs last up to nine years, too, more than five times the lifespan of a regular bulb.
  • Dimmer switches are excellent for not only minimizing electrical output. They also provide great ambience in every room.
  • Exterior motion detectors help improve security and do not need to be left on all night long. They can be built into your electrical system and use low-voltage bulbs and timers to reduce consumption.