Overhead Line Services

Overhead Line ServiceA-Star’s commercial journeymen electricians can replace or move the overhead power service systems of homes, retail buildings, restaurants and industrial buildings.

Many Calgary businesses are still serviced by overhead power lines. These deliver electricity from the main city grid to your building through your service point, which is connected to your roof. Your breaker box is then provided power from the service point through service entrance conductors.

Service points can get old and wear out. They also may require moving due to roofing work or renovations. A-Star provides both of these services.

Given the amount of hail, heavy snow and extreme winds we see in Calgary, it’s not uncommon for power lines to disconnect, fall or droop. Always stay a safe distance away and warn other to do so as well.

Report a downed power line in Calgary by calling the Enmax Power Trouble Line at 403.514.6100