Residential Electrical Services

Contact A-Star Electric for all of your residential and commercial electrician needs

In business in Calgary since 2010, A-Star Electric provides residential and commercial electric services in Calgary and the surrounding area. We have a solid 5-star rating from the Better Business Bureau of Calgary, and our crew of workers are all fully certified journeyman or apprentice electricians.

Electrical services provided by a certified, professional residential electrician will ensure your home remains completely safe, secure and fully insured. DIY electrical work can nullify your home insurance coverage and result in outages, high electrical bills and fire. We always work to not only meet, but exceed electrical codes. Your electrical system is vital to both the functionality and comfort of your Calgary home, and we treat your house the same way we would treat our own.

We will wire for the needs of your home now and well into the future, guaranteeing the final installation is tidy, well-organized and streamlined to support the use of all the lighting, appliances and systems in your home.

Aluminum Wiring Repair

Numerous homes and buildings constructed before the mid 1970s have electrical systems comprised of aluminum wiring. No longer in use because of its low heat resistance power, which can cause sparks, fire and short circuits, aluminum wiring has been mainly replaced with copper wiring.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still many homes and buildings with aluminum wiring that needs repairs! We are experts at correctly splicing aluminum wiring to perfectly connect with switches, circuit breakers and other components of your electrical system, reducing any chance of overheating.

A-Star can also completely remove your old aluminum wiring system and replace it with a copper wiring installation upgrade.

Electrical Panel and Wiring Upgrades and Replacements

These days the demand on the electric grid is ever-increasing. Even though we have made great strides towards the use of energy-saving technologies in homes, it doesn’t change the fact that homes are supporting more and more appliances and gadgets than ever before.

Many panels in older homes and buildings haven’t been set up to properly handle increased loads. Your electrical panel is the heart and brain of your electrical system, and if it’s not working at its peak, nothing else in your house is as well.

Replacing or upgrading your electrical panel can stop flickering, breakers blowing and extra-large utility bills. They can also reduce the risk of fire.

A-Star provides:

  • electrical panel upgrades and replacements
  • circuit breaker upgrades and replacements
  • wiring and circuit repair

Upgraded panels will accommodate all existing circuits and have enough room to add many more for future additions.

Electrical Panel Upgrades - Old Panel web
This electrical panel caught on fire because of loose terminals, threatening the home. This is an accident that didn’t need to happen.
Electrical Panel Upgrades_Before_web
Before - This before pic is a very poorly wired panel.
Electrical Panel and Wiring Upgrades and Replacements
After - This after is how it looked following a service call from A-Star.

Appliance and Lighting Fixture Installations

Too often we are called to clean up after a major electrical disaster when we could have been there to prevent it in the first place. Improperly installed appliances and lighting fixtures are not only a fire and safety hazard, they also propose a serious danger to the integrity of your overall electrical system.

Appliances and lighting fixtures are expensive, and improper installation can cause warranties to be void. Always have your appliances and new lighting fixtures installed by a certified, professional electrician to get the most out of your purchase.

Contact A-Star for new home wiring, renovations, basement and garage wiring, hot tub installation and air conditioning wiring.

Professional lighting specialists like Josh at A-Star can also ensure your lighting is placed properly to not only lighten and brighten your home, but also make it beautiful.

Contact A-Star to install the following fixtures:

  • LED lighting
  • Pot lights
  • Undercabinet lighting
  • Electronic ballasts (usually for fluorescent lighting)
  • Control lighting, thermostats and outlets from your phone
  • Low- voltage wiring, Coax, Cat5/6
  • Home theater wiring
  • Wall mounts and outlets for televisions and sound systems
  • Residential surge protectors
Contact A-Star Electric for all of your residential and commercial electrician needs

Electrical Design for Renovations and New Homes

When you’re embarking on a new home build or a renovation there’s a lot to think about with regards to your electrical system. We can first help you choose the most attractive and versatile lighting fixtures, the best placement for outlets, where to put your home entertainment system and the ideal location for your breaker box.

We will wire and connect your home in a clean and efficient manner, making sure to provide the option for future additions if you want. We can place outlets in the floor for table lamps, high on the walls for televisions, and provide a variety of lighting options for rooms serving a dual purpose (such as a bedroom that doubles as an office). Everything will be left tidy and clean, and be adaptable and convenient.

For new home electrical installs and extensive renovations there are a number of new energy efficient option you can choose:

  • LED bulbs and recessed lighting
  • Wireless switching
  • Home automation (Control your lights from your phone)
  • Motion switches
  • Energy efficiency monitoring systems
  • Surge protectors for the entire home

Overhead Line Service

Many Calgary homes are still serviced by overhead power lines. These deliver electricity from the main city grid to your home through your service point, which is connected to the top of your house. Your breaker box is provided power from the service point through service entrance conductors.

Older homes can also have attachment points under the roof, giving low clearance. This height should be 3.5m in walking areas and 5m in driving areas.Some service points simply get old and wear out. We can replace or move the overhead power service systems of homes, retail buildings, restaurants and industrial buildings.

Given the amount of hail, heavy snow and extreme winds we see in Calgary, it’s not uncommon for power lines to disconnect, fall or droop. Always stay a safe distance away and warn other to do so as well.

Report a downed power line in Calgary by calling the Enmax Power Trouble Line at 403.514.6100.